Here We Are Again

Below, I have the goals I could find that we made last year. As you will see, I probably don’t have everyone’s. But at some point today I am going downstairs and seeing if my computer is working still and then I will add any extras. Unless you remember. Then please add yourself.

However–in a couple of days– 2014! Yippee ti yi yo!!!!!

What are your new goals?

This year I want to keep things more simple. My biggest goal this coming year is something I didn’t do last year but I wanted to:

Write like a professional writer.

That’s it.

What about you?

And how did you do?

And and–most important of all:

Happy 2014, Writer Friends!



Count me in too: my stated goals have been to
write 2 blogs twice a week (so I can get a little ahead)
mentor goal-setting for some of the people in my main critique group
continue to meet weekly with the new critique group
write an average of 1850 words five days a week . . .
teach my writing class (starting Jan. 15) in Canyons School District
That said, I am going to cut the word count to 1500 (will start in Feb.) and now, through the rest of January, read instead of writing:
read and read and read what I’ve already written of “Boudica’s Head”
read and read and read the research materials I have on “BH”
If/when I finish “BH,” (hopefully by May) I’ll set the next goals—can’t plan too much until I resolve health issues


This year my goals are simple: 1) Revise my Nano book. 2) Draft a new book. That’s it. Count me in for the Friday check-ins. This week, I just want to do something/anything on my Nano revisions. I need to wet me feet since I haven’t looked at it for weeks.


1. I would love to get representation this year. I know, I know that’s very far-fetched, but it’s a GOAL, right? You can have high hopes for a lucky year. {Lucky 13}
I think that this is going to be a year where I really just, writewritewrite. Last year I finished my novel, but I want to do more than that. I wanna get serious about this. {farealmaaan} Not that I’m not, but you know what I mean.

2. I want to finish and perfect my two new stories. I am stuck in the middle of both of them and I am like blah. But I think that I can get at least one of them at least written by the end of next month and the other one a very rough draft by my birthday.
Is this boring? Yeah, I think so, too.

3. I actually don’t want to share my third goal.


The biggest thing I want to accomplish with my writing this year is just to finish the two novels I’m working on. Like, finish the early drafts and move all the way through revisions. It will take a lot of balancing and some really good time management in order for me to accomplish this. But that’s my goal.


1. Work on my own memoir. Write one short essay a week (I’ll allow three weeks off).
2. Write like a writer. I want to really write. REALLY use each day. Look at my work as though this is my job. Because it is. And I want to do better at it. So my goal is 1000-2500 words a day.
3. Read ten books for big people. I want to revisit some of my faves, like EAST OF EDEN and HUCKLEBERRY FINN and LIGHT IN AUGUST.
and here’s one more–4. Write two more drafts of books. Either non-fiction or a middle grade or even something with Ann Dee. Yup, we may have thought of an idea.


1. Keep writing. Not quit.

2. Read something for me.

3. Get on a bike.


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2 responses to “Here We Are Again

  1. I just posted about my goals today. 🙂 Happy to say I did great on my 2013 goals and my only goal for 2014 is to enjoy every moment. I’ll publish my very first book only once, so I plan to enjoy all my hard work and not rush through it. Happy new year!

  2. Goals:

    1. to revise the crappy rough draft of my historical novel.
    2. Meet bimonthly with my critque group (we’ll start in January)
    3. Polish the novel with the object of publishing it whether electronically, self or whatever. (If I don’t set the publishing goal, I’ll not take this seriously.)


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