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Some Things Never Change

by Debbie Nance

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.

 39 years with the same great man.

 All those years ago, my husband’s mother noted the exact moment when Cal and I were officially married. So yesterday at 10:50 a.m., an alarm went off on Cal’s phone and he came to where I was writing, to give me a kiss.  A little later, the doorbell rang and when I answered, a delivery guy handed me flowers.


 Yep. My man is still romantic after all this time.

 Even though 39 years is a looong time, in many ways I don’t feel any different. Sure, I’ve grown older and have more health issues. And I’m wiser (hopefully) from all of life’s experiences. But, the me inside is the same person.

 I don’t think I’m alone in this regard, and I think that sameness is the reason a writer can write something that relates to readers of various physical ages. Do you agree?

 I’ve heard authors say that they are stuck at a certain age inside their heads.

What age are you?

Does that affect your writing?

Also, don’t you think every book needs a little romance? What celebrations or events can you add to your book to make it better? Write that scene now.



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Three Things Thursday from Two Girlies

From Brenda:


Have you ever had a really moving incident happen where you got information, or answers to questions you didn’t even know you had? Or reassurance you were making the right move? Has your “intuition” ever kicked into overdrive when you needed it most? I mean something so profound that many would refer to it as a “spiritual” experience.

I have a few friends for whom this happens with great regularity. One of them is a friend who, along with her husband, has adopted several handicapped or challenged children over the years. There is no doubt in my mind that SOMETHING out there acts in her behalf. She uses it as a guide and a reassurance that she has, indeed, chosen—or is about to choose—the right path.

If you have had something like that, you know what I mean.

What about your characters? Are you writing a book wherein a “spiritual” experience could bring more profound meaning to your story? Are you writing a sci-fi or fantasy where intuition could kick in so powerfully that your character is profoundly impacted?

Can you put that “feeling” into words? Can you imagine the impact that would have on your readers?

From Me:


I’ve been staring out the window, watching the snow fall, wondering what my Two of Three Things should be. Then, I remembered this quote:

What no wife of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he’s staring out the window.

– Rudolph Erich Rascoe

So. I have the window. I have some words. Now all I need is a wife. And another really delicious sandwich like the bit of one I am consuming now.

A. Two days before yesterday my daughter’s dog tore the wing off a bird. It was horrifying.
B. My second daughter said, “Oh no! Is it suffering? I’ll go kill it. Where’s the shovel?”
C. On Tuesday–the same kind of birdie (but with both wings) tried to fly into my classroom. All the horrified  feelings of Monday came rushing back. I made a student let down the blinds (though I couldn’t remember the word blinds because of my panic.)

Using one of these incidents, write a scene for your book. Change it up. Make it fit. Imagine the emotion.

Have fun and share if you would like.

PS I still haven’t gotten to my 2000 words per day. But I’m trying. I’m writing.


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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Praying for rain.
The air is so bad my horrific cough has turned into a full-blown Walter White cough. {as in, it’s pretty constant}
But the cough hasn’t stopped my re-writing! Only a few more chapters and this piece is finished. 🙂 Then I will be recruiting my little sister and or {hopefully} my mom to look at it.

After that’s done, I get to start over with the next book. And I don’t know about you, but writing those first few chapters on a brand new novel is the best part. 🙂 {at least to me}
A fresh voice.
A new idea.
A problem that only you can invent.

But first the rewrite must be finished. All those loose ends tied up.

Well that’s my short message for today. Having a lot of work issues with our System so I’m off.



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Things that Get in the Way

Here is a small list:

taking people places

hundreds of emails each day that demand my attention NOW

students’ papers



other people winning major awards that I have to be jealous over

callings at church

WIFYR (hey, registration is open–




Food Network









critiquing other people’s novel

talking to people about conferences, workshops, get-aways

Facebook and friends that matter

caring for others


grocery shopping

paying bills

going to the bank

more worrying

I could keep going on and on and on.

You all know it.

You all do it.

But, 2000 words today. My goal.

I am halfway there this morning.

In fact, I think I am more than halfway done with this new book.

But there is:

A couple more chapters  before George and Gracie Just in Time book number 4 is done.

A final pass through the book Laura and I wrote. Due today.

The book with Zondervan–contract coming soon. Huge rewrite on that novel.

Another couple of non-fiction books.

Lots to do. Lots.

but I will get that other 1000 words done.

I will.










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