Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Kyra here,

Are ya’ll getting pumped for WIFYR this year? We’ve already got some early birds signing up. {Good job to you, Birds!}

It’s already Wednesday again. It comes around so fast. That hump in the week.

So here’s what I have to talk about.
Writing. {Surprise}

I’ve given myself some writing goals that I need to try and stick by. Sometimes it’s hard. Especially when you’re rewriting and you’re not sure if you like what you’ve done.
So you know what I do?
I write anyway.
Even if it’s not on this newest idea, or that old idea that needs to be fixed, or anything. I just write.

Journal entries, memoir pieces that I know NO ONE will ever see, ideas that come to mind randomly, and so on.
At least I’m getting words on the page.
And that’s all I care about. {No that’s not ALL I care about. But you know what I mean}

Everyone has a busy life. Everyone has other stuff they probably NEED to be doing {other than writing} but sometimes you just got to forget about that stuff and write.
Okay I’m done.



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5 responses to “Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

  1. CLW

    If you were a dentist and you didn’t feel like going to work, you would do it anyway. You would help the man with gingivitis.
    But you have chosen to be a writer. And that is what you do. Write. No matter what.
    Good post.

  2. Write, just write. Oh and don’t forget to torture your characters. Give one of them gingivitis.

  3. Oddstuffs

    I wish I could like comments. :p yes, remember to properly torture your characters!
    I’m making sure Ian doesn’t get a proper first kiss for a long time.
    Good post. Thank you for reminding me to work hard on my dreams every day. I will go draw and write every spare chance I get today and from now on.


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