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Three Things Thursday

From Brenda!


A little past the mid-point of each month, I do my next month’s bills: write the few checks which can’t be paid on line; register the “automatic” payments that will come out of my checking anyway; set up my bank’s direct payments for the week before they’re due , and so on. But I almost always forget about one of them: my Home Owners Association (HOA) dues. I write the check the month before, then feel it’s “been paid.” So I got an embarrassing phone call this morning from our “finance” HOA person who lives across the street. I tore it out of my wallet, but talked my husband into running across the street in the cold and wet to deliver it. What mundane things do you forget? How do you get out of a potentially embarrassing situation? What about your characters? How much trouble can “forgetting” impose on them? How will they deal with it? What consequences might they suffer? Write on!


From me–


I love this bit from Brenda. Our characters are real, right? They should feel real, act real, be so real you could recognize them on the street. How do you  keep your character–as The Bee Gees would say, staying alive?



Please imagine me, Kyra and Ann Dee walking down the street. Hiding in a building. Singing. And other things.

(I got me some bell bottoms on right now.)

Also, if I had produced this video someone would have been in that upper window.


Does POV play into this? No, not the song. Your writing true, real characters?




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