Lots and Lots of Dandelion Tea

There is a bird who pecks on the decking. Or maybe it’s lots of birds. I have this fear they’ll get in the attic and do birdy things like get mites in my house or die then stink.

I’ve had lots of ideas lately. LOTS of what feel like great ideas. But I’m still not implementing the the 2000 words a day thing. Even when I know what that can do for me as a writer. Today, however, is another day–the start of another writing week. I can end up with 14,000 words by Saturday and I will try to do so. And I will use my calendar. ‘Cause I like doing things like this.

What about you? How is your writing going? Are you keeping up with your goals? (I have heard the Kardashians are getting terrible reviews on their newest whatever-that-is-they-do and may be on the way out. I keep hoping they will go. For good. I expect a sex tape–or something–soon. Do you ever look at your family and think “We could be a reality TV show.” Without the sex tape, I mean.)

Now on to POV. I’ve been reading THE BORROWERS AFLOAT. (I will admit I did skip one paragraph that detailed about how Arriety and her family got down the drain. ) I love this book. All these books (though I think they start in the wrong place–each one of them [first book pubbed in 1952]). I read them when I was a child, over and over. They are told in third person omniscient. The story teller shows and tells several view points. Not so sure how often this is used in kids work these days.

Here are a few  POV definitions, if you need them:


One bit of advice–remember your point of view character can only know what she knows, feels and sees. She can guess how another person feels by what they’re doing or what they say. She can wonder if someone feels a certain way by a look they have on their face–but she cannot know. Unless she reads minds.

Lately, I’m writing in first person present tense. What limitations do I have?

What POV are YOU using? What limitations do you have?


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4 responses to “Lots and Lots of Dandelion Tea

  1. Kyra

    I think we could be a reality TV series. But yes I would probably avoid one of us doing a sex tape. It could end poorly… or maybe we could get a book deal from it.
    ha ha ha just kidding.

  2. I loved the Borrowers series. My dad went on an LDS mission to England/Ireland and came home speaking “British.” He read the books to us with all the accents.
    I always stick to first person POV. I do have a book I’ve decided to revise doing alternate POV’s, but still first person. I admire people who write third person and still make the reader feel connected to the main character.

    • CLW

      Oh, I would have loved that, Becca. In fact, I wish my dad could have read anything to me. Maybe he did when I was very little.

      And I agree about 3rd person. I know I have read a good 3rd person voice when I think it’s 1st.


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