Daily Archives: January 21, 2014


Today I woke up and thought, I don’t know if I can do today. And it’s not like this day is any different than any other day.

It’s a Tuesday.

There’s school.

There’s laundry.

There’s fighting.

There’s chubby cheeks.

There’s writing.

There’s cooking.

There’s dishes.

There’s carpool.

There’s emails.

There’s nursing.

There’s knotty hair.

There’s sadness.

There’s happiness.

There’s skinned knees.

There’s pillow forts.

There’s hugging.

There’s screaming.

There’s potty training.

There’s texting.

There’s vacuuming.

There’s sitting.

I want to sit.

Dr. Suess has a book called I Am Not Getting Up Today.

It’s funny . . . sort of.

It’s wacky . . . kind of

It’s Dr. Suessy . . . but not like his other books.

Mostly it’s just like, Look. Stop bothering me. I want to sleep. I want to be sad. I want to stay in my bed. Leave me alone.

This is one thing about writing, when you are feeling that way, instead of just being stuck in it, you can write a picture book. You can write a chapter in your novel. You can write a rambling journal entry.

I feel like this is a little bit better than shaving my head but I’m not sure.


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