Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

I have somehow gotten a horrible, horrible cough again.
The gross kind. That sounds like I’ve smoked since I was four.
I blame it on all the trips to Salt Lake. The air up there is repulsive… To say the least.

Repulsive is a word I slightly enjoy.
Horrific. That one makes me laugh if used the right way.
“Jaime wore a horrific sweater.”
“My ex boyfriend’s band was horrific.”

Some words just stick out in my mind and make me thing of wild and beautiful things. {obviously the two example above do NOT paint an attractive picture}

What words do you enjoy?
I enjoy the words that make a story.
I love stories.

But I do not love this repulsive horrific cough.
Not one bit.

Cheers. 😘👏


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