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Red is for Courage

by Debbie Nance

Shauna, a dear friend of mine, made a hair appointment for me this week. She’s the one that gave me my pre-chemo haircut. When my hair grew back in gray, she said not to worry she could fix it.  She instructed me to bring in pictures of hairstyles that I liked. She said I could even choose bangs from one photo and sides and back from others or whatever I wanted, and she would make me match.

I thought it was a great idea!

So before my appointment, I googled short hairstyles and discovered there are websites where you can try out different hairstyles. You upload a photo of yourself and then click on a row of photos models one at a time and their hairstyles pop onto your face.  Want to see yourself with long dark tresses or spiky short locks or as a platinum blonde? Go here, for example, to beginhttp://www.latest-hairstyles.com/tryonhairstyles/?start=true

Wouldn’t it be fun to try on different characters in your writing? Or to try on different POVs for your book? Maybe, you already have. If not give it a go. Rewrite the first paragraph of your novel from a boy’s perspective or change from first person to third person or from past tense to present tense. Add an element of fantasy or take out the magic and try contemporary. What difference did it make? Do you like the story better? Like hair color, you can always change back to what it was before, but the exercise will give you a different perspective.

Be brave and give it a try.

As for me? You should see—I’m a redhead!

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