Things that Get in the Way

Here is a small list:

taking people places

hundreds of emails each day that demand my attention NOW

students’ papers



other people winning major awards that I have to be jealous over

callings at church

WIFYR (hey, registration is open–




Food Network









critiquing other people’s novel

talking to people about conferences, workshops, get-aways

Facebook and friends that matter

caring for others


grocery shopping

paying bills

going to the bank

more worrying

I could keep going on and on and on.

You all know it.

You all do it.

But, 2000 words today. My goal.

I am halfway there this morning.

In fact, I think I am more than halfway done with this new book.

But there is:

A couple more chapters  before George and Gracie Just in Time book number 4 is done.

A final pass through the book Laura and I wrote. Due today.

The book with Zondervan–contract coming soon. Huge rewrite on that novel.

Another couple of non-fiction books.

Lots to do. Lots.

but I will get that other 1000 words done.

I will.










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6 responses to “Things that Get in the Way

  1. That’s a long list of things getting in the way…I’d add to it, but I think I’ll end up crawling back into bed!

  2. Hmm…I think I participate in at least five of those things that get in your way…

  3. Lynne

    It sounds to me like you are having huge success in the Publishing world. Yay!

    On your email I thought you said you were exercising mice. Ha ha. So compassionate, wanting the mice to be in shape.

  4. Oddstuffs

    Mice? What kind of mice? Wild mice, pet mice? If you’ve got mice problems, I could come catch them for you.


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