Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee PLUS Two More Romance Writing Prompts

My rewrite is finished! And now I am going to attempt to participate in the writing a romance challenge.
I have low hopes for myself because every romantic encounter I’ve ever had has either ended awkwardly or with a shattered heart. {my shattered heart to be more specific}
But maybe there will only be jolly hearts in this story idea? Maybe there will be a Cupid who wears a diaper and shoots people with starburst flavored kisses?

Or maybe there will be a dead dog.

My horrific cough has been replaced by allergies. My eyes are watering and itchy and I’m sneezy.
Replace one problem with another.

That’s okay.
At least the novel is done. {to a point}
So it’s off to a fresh page for me 🙂



#2 (For Tuesday–yesterday) Who is your MC? List everything about her. Spend 20 minutes just finding out everything you can. Is she pretty? Funny? What are her down sounds? She can’t be perfect. Give her some twists and turns so she isn’t easy for the reader to figure out.

#3 (Today) Your MC wants something. What is it? And let’s say it’s not true love. Decide what she wants–and how you will make it hard for her to get it.


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