And So it Goes On

So in my email this morning were two ads for Cupid.

However, I misread. I thought it said Stupid. “Stupid can save you 75% on diamonds.”

Hmmm. What does that say about me and Cupid?

Just bring me yummy ripe chocolate covered strawberries. Is that too much to ask, Cupid?

Anyway, stupid could be something in your romance, right?


Are you still writing notes for your Romance Novel?

At the end of this experience you won’t have a full novel, but you will have about 20 scenes done–or character descriptions or etc.

And that is cool.

You can take the month of March and Write your Romance.


Today’s prompt: Remember that fellow you met before the weekend started? That cute, cute boy?

Write the scene where your main character meets him. Give yourself 30 minutes.

Now write another scene. This one has to have some angst, some sexy, some thinking about kissing, and it has to be a life changer. After this scene your character cannot be the same–even if the change is subtle.

Have fun!


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One response to “And So it Goes On

  1. Forest Gump would say “cupid is as cupid does.”


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