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Monday Means Make Mout

So–as you can see, my title wanted to be clever. Have a little alliteration.

Sometimes in your romance writing you need a little forced alliteration. It’s good for you.

Here’s the next writing prompt:

What does the love interest want more than anything? What is his motivation? How does his and hers intersect?

Lots of character study going on, huh?

Good stories have emotion, ‘true’ characters, real situations (and a little forced alliteration). All this makes the world you are creating real.

Also–one of my daughters is trying to figure out what my quirks are. I tell her I don’t have any. Everything she points out I tell her is natural, not a quirk.

Here is a scene you can use in your book. This same daughter showed up at my house to have me babysit her dog so she could go on a date. I knew she was coming. I didn’t know she was bringing the boy in the house.

Here’s what the place looked like: Two other dogs jumping all over in happiness at Elise’s dog being there.

My mother sitting there under her pink blankie, silent. Looking scary (Mom mostly has a scary look on her face.).

Me on the sofa. Covered by a blanket.

Primary lesson spread out around me. Ice cream bar wrapper. Computer. TV channel changer.

I’m in my jammies (sometimes I wear them all day–and yes–go places in them. Is that my quirk?). Wearing my more-than 20 year old glasses (I am too cheap to buy more. These fall off if I look down. If I ever had to drive in a car chase in them, I’d be in trouble. Is being cheap my quirk?).

Boy comes in. Dogs barking. Jumping. TV on. Probably a murder show or Hoarders. Carolina is there, wearing basketball shorts and the girls equivalent of a wife beater. Elise, dressed up. Boy, pushing at dogs. Trying to look like he isn’t freaked out by all this. Elise saying, “And just ignore the bra on the back of the sofa.”


I take my bra off while watching TV and throw it where ever. This time close enough that the young man would have to know it was mine. It was right there by my shoulder. I couldn’t get up to meet him because I didn’t have on the bra. (Another quirk?)

When a dog leapt, I threw the bra by the dog cage.

They left. Had a good time, I think.

I stayed home with Carolina, the dogs, my mom, the bra and glasses.



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