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Lists. Lists. Lists.

by Debbie Nance

Have you ever noticed how many websites there are for lists?

The Top Ten of whatever you are interested in can be found with a quick online search. For examples see:  http://listverse.com/  and http://list.ly/ and http://www.forbes.com/lists/

I am a list writer.

I’ll explain.

In order to not forget anything and in order to get things done, I write TO DO lists.

And I cross off items when I have completed them.

I like crossing things off my list. I have to admit that I’ve had days when I have been so busy that at the end of the day, my TO DO list hasn’t changed—so I’ve added simple items, just so I could have something to cross off (i.e. brushed teeth, got dressed, cooked dinner).

A guy at church recently said he also writes lists. Each day, he writes down the things that need to get done. He prioritizes his list then does the top item first then the second item then the third, and so on. The man said if he gets the top three things done he feels it has been a successful day.

He probably doesn’t have brush teeth on his list.

My current TO DO list (not in any particular order) consists of:

o   4 things to do around and for my house

o   3 things to do for and with my family members

o   3 things to do for my church callings

o   3 things on the calendar to remember

o   2 things to do for the WIFYR conference

o   5 things to write

Some tasks don’t ever get crossed off my list. Instead, I simple put a check by them so I can use the same list for multiple days. One of those constant items is: To Write—meaning to write or revise or brainstorm on one of my WIPs and to write blogs and work on other writing and editing projects. I find that writing is something that I need to include in my daily life. I’m happier when I write. And I have made and continue to make great friends through my writing. So though I don’t always get a lot of writing done, it will stay on my list.

Are you a list writer?

What else do you do to focus on your writing?


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