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POV, Long long paragraphs, and stories about knitting

A few things:

  1. I love Holly Goldberg Sloan’s books. She does multiple points of view and she does it well. Usually when there are too many POV’s it can get messy and frustrating. Not so with Sloan. Try it out if you are considering taking on this type of writing style.  WRITING EXERCISE: Write a few scenes of your book in different points of view (at least three. Adults are fair game). RULES: They must be third person limited. 
  2. I have been reading The Elegance of a Hedgehog. Has anyone read it? This is an adult book (as in not for kids or teens–Carol). My neighbor told me I must must must read it right away and she assured me I wouldn’t be able to put it down. She gave it to me about a year ago and i confess, I did put it down. Many times. It’s the type of book that takes patience. And a lot of thinking. I have not been very patient or thinking this past year. But now I’m trying and I am starting to really like it. Not love it yet, we’ll see. It’s made me think about story-telling and what audience will and will not allow. Can you stop and ruminate for paragraphs and paragraphs? No. Yes. Depends. The author in this book demands her readers slow down. She demands they stop and then stop and then stop again. She demands full full full attention. And people are giving her that. Why? How? WRITING EXERCISE: Let one of your characters ruminate. What do they think about? Push it. 
  3. And finally, my seven year old is doing a story-telling festival in the next few weeks. He had to pick a book. He picked the Teeny Tiny Teacher. I wanted him to pick Extra Yarn. I love Extra Yarn. Mostly because of trucks covered in sweaters. I was thinking how we should do a storytelling festival. WRITING EXERCISE: Rewrite your novel into a tellable story. This means short, exciting, mounting tension and all. Try a few different versions. THEN tell it to some friends. Don’t say it’s your novel. Just say, have you heard? And then blah blah blah. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. 


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