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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee AND the Next Writing Prompt

Not having a job has ruined my brain
I keep forgetting it’s Wednesday.
I keep forgetting most days.
Friday morning I get to get my wisdom teeth out.
Will I lose some wisdom?
Will I continue being able to write?
Lately I haven’t been writing the way I should. But I have been reading a few adult novels. Typically I’m into YA. . . Just because that’s what I write, and all my favorite authors write, but idk. It’s good to broaden my options.
Plus a lot of these books are classics. Like:
The Bell Jar 
In Cold Blood 
American Psycho 
Reading is wonderful. Writing is wonderful, too.
And the weather outside is amazing!!!!


Romance Novel Writing Prompt

Have you checked out the writing prompts on Ann Dee’s post yesterday?

Here’s another from her:

How is the other plot, the non-romance part, coming along? Remember both characters need to be involved, need some stake in this end-goal.


Place? Olive Garden

When? Not sure yet. The end of this month, the beginning of March. We’ll let you know soon.

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