Four Things Friday – by Debbie Nance

·  I read a great blog about editing by Lauren Ritz on Writing Snippets. One idea she suggested was to change your manuscript’s font before a read- through. The unfamiliar typestyle helps you see the words in a new way. My writing partner, Jane Lamb, and I have finished another draft of Timeweavers (yay!) and we are doing some final revisions to prepare it for submission.  I tried Lauren’s idea and it works! Try it.

·  Carol Williams has said multiple times that we need to work at writing as if we were getting paid and soon we will be getting paid. She is right! I’m now doing some editing and writing-for-hire work for a project with Jenny Phillips.  As a bonus, I’m learning a ton!

·  Great quote for the day:  “Words are never too big for children as long as they are the right words.” -Jane Yolen

·  It is the last day of February, and, even though it isn’t a leap year, for fun everyone should watch Pirates of Penzance. Here’s a link to thePirate King song. You have to love Kevin Kline in this flick and the dancing is amazing!


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