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Romance Novel Rewriting Month

Here are the last questions for your novel.

What do our MC and her BF have to do together that they weren’t expecting?
What do they realize about each other as the climax of the other plot comes together?
Add in that real kissing scene you wrote earlier.
Now write the ending. Is it true love forever? Is it going to ruin their world but make a new one even better? is everyone happy? Who is happy and who is mad?
You now have the bones of a romance novel.
What are you going to do with it?
I suggest you go in and fill in the blanks. Add the tissue to these bones. Flesh the ideas out.
Give yourself a deadline.
Write to that deadline.
Then set the book aside.
Start another novel (after you take off a day or two! I always give myself a little time after I complete a book.).
When the time is right, pull out your romance.
Look the book over with a critical eye.
Take it to your critique group.
See what they have to say of the book as a whole.
Romance novels are big sellers. Look at Twilight. That was a romance novel wearing vampire capes.
Plus, here’s what Wikipedia said: “In North America, romance novels are the most popular genre in modern literature . . . “
So make your novel amazing.
March Madness Rewriting Month!

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