Friday Friday Friday!

by Beautiful Debbie Nance

1. Snoopy, upon receipt of a rejection letter, said “I think there might have been a misunderstanding. What I really wanted was for you to publish my story, and send me fifty thousand dollars. Didn’t you realize that?”

2. Jane and I are still working on the revision of Timeweavers, 177 pages to go.

3. Have you been keeping up with the WIFYR blogs?  They are great!

4. When I was young, I was told that if I wanted, I would gain a good education. At the time, I didn’t have any desire to go to college so I didn’t think much about the promise. Later, after attending and achieving the status of a junior at the University of Utah, I met my husband and before long we decided to get married. I was happy being a wife and mother and didn’t mind that I dropped out of school. Still later, when I needed to get a job, I wished I had completed my degree because I wanted to be a school teacher. Over the years, I had good intentions to complete my schooling, but it never worked out and I got secretarial jobs. Fast forward a few more years and I decided I wanted to fulfill my dream to be a writer. Notice it doesn’t require a college degree, license, or certificate to write. Even so, I have learned a ton from the writing courses, workshops, and conferences that I’ve attended and especially from the people I’ve met at WIFYR. I think I have gained that good education and I look forward to learning more.

What have you done lately to contribute to your writing education?


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One response to “Friday Friday Friday!

  1. doc

    I spend hours reading blogs like this one and still more time researching the publishing industry. I loved my creative writing classes and most of my English classes, but I should have put more effort into learning about the rest of the world.


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