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Monday March Writing Madness

Five writing exercises.

1. Write a scene where these five words are used, in this order–

He understood her.

Too Bad.

2. Sense of place (the development of setting so that it becomes an important character) grounds the reader so she knows exactly where she is.¬†Look through your novel. Choose several scene where you can see SoP is missing. Take your time to rewrite, adding sensory details that make place come alive. Use all five senses, not just sight. Note–Lots of people think only fantasy writing needs world building. Wrong. All readers need to know where a story takes place. And remember, good writing is magic.

3. What is the playlist for your novel?

4. Change one scene from first person to third, or vice versa. Answer these questions–what happens to the voice? How does your character control sharpen? What weaknesses does this change show in your writing? Does the character feels more inviting?

5. Dinner Out! IF you are interested, please let us know as I need to get us a more private spot at OG. And I think there needs to be a certain number to get the back room we had before.

Olive Garden

504 West 2230 North, Provo

7 pm

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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