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Spring Has Sprung! by the Amazing Debbie Nance

Yesterday was the first day of spring. YAY!

 Is it just me or does it seem to you that this winter was longer than usual?

 I’m happy to say I have little green and purple pointy plants poking up through the garden soil. In a few weeks, I will have flowers. Inline image 1

It’s a wonderful thing that each and every year spring comes again and flowers bloom. And no matter the season, each and every day the sun rises again. Each and every day we get to start over again.

 I didn’t get much done on my revisions of TW this week. Found out some crummy health news and gave myself a couple of days to be depressed. Now, it’s back at it.

What kind of setbacks does your main character experience in your novel? After all, there have to be plenty of obstacles or there won’t be much of a plot. So what does she do when she’s depressed? Eat chocolate? Paint her nails bright red? Get her haircut? Go shoe shopping? Watch old movies and eat popcorn? Sob in a corner? Stay in her bathrobe all day?

What triggers your mc to move on? Write the scene.

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