Air, Water, Fire, and Earth – by Debbie Nance

One of the gals in my upcoming WIFYR novel workshop introduced our group to a beauty expert, Carol Tuttle, who has a program called Dressing Your Truth to help women define their beauty as each fits into one of four categories corresponding to nature. The gal who told us about this idea, uses the definitions from DYT when writing character descriptions to make her characters realistic. I thought it sounded like an interesting concept so signed up at to learn about the four types of beauty.

It’s always fun to do this stuff, right? BTW, are you a personality color red, yellow, blue or white? (I think those were the choices.) And/or are you a spring, summer, winter, or fall person for clothing color choices? This kind of thing is all over FB right now, which cartoon character are you, which Jane Austin character are you, which fantasy character are you, etc. Lots of fun!

Anyway, the first thing I learned was that DYT is based on the four elements of air, water, fire, and earth. And the beauty expert people are completely serious. They dole out the information in small amounts to ensure each reader takes the time to figure out where her beauty within comes from. I’m sure this is or could be helpful information for many people. I’m just not one who spends much time on studying the outfits I wear each day or doing my makeup, etc.—maybe I should be, maybe I will be after I finally watch all the videos.

Well, I watched the first video and when I realized I couldn’t access more info until they sent me the next video the following day, I didn’t check my email from DYT again until I knew I’d have a few. I found out that makes me a type 3—simply because I skipped to the section to determine what type I was. Type 3’s want results and can be pushy—sounds like me, huh?!

Anyway, if you’re interested, check it out. If you’re like me and can’t watch all the videos then here’s the short version:

Words that describe each dominant Type in human nature
Type 1 Air: random, disconnected, buoyant, crisp, free, fresh, bright, brilliant, upbeat
Type 2 Water: soft, connected, subtle, relaxed, blended, comfortable, elegant, muted
Type 3 Fire: angular, substantial, sure, textured, rich, dynamic, swift, irregular
Type 4 Earth: bold, clean, regal, simple, precise, structured, clear, reflective, high-contrast, keen

More descriptions: According to DYT, applying the energy of the 4 Types to water, and this is what you’ll see…
Type 1 Air: bubbling, boiling, evaporating, moving upward and outward
Type 2 Water: connected, flowing river, running smoothly, moving steadily
Type 3 Fire: pushing forcefully, like a faucet or waterfall, moving forward
Type 4 Earth: standing still like an ice cube or reflecting pond, with little movement

According to DYT, we are what Type we are and we can’t and shouldn’t try to change. We should just realize what our strength are, and go from there so that our inner beauty can really shine. What do you think of this concept?

Does this help you when thinking about describing a certain character in your novel?

What Type are you?

Do you think most successful writers are one particular Type?

And P.S. I got TW revised and sent a query yesterday!


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3 responses to “Air, Water, Fire, and Earth – by Debbie Nance

  1. Actually sent off the query on Thursday!

  2. benschwensch

    Congrats on getting that query out, Debbie! And your blog was INTERESTING too!


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