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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

I missed last week.
I’ve been so distracted with all the other stuff going on that I completely forgot to post.

I was going to tell the story about when I hiked up to the hot pots last week.
I went in the middle of the night. It’s about two miles up, and two miles back.
The one time I bring my sister, all the pots are cold from snowmelt. Usually they are suuuuper hot. But not this time.
I’m looking around in the dark for at least a warm place to go. And someone calls to me “this pot is warm.”
It’s dark, so I grab the flash light and shine it in the direction of the voice.
“It’s warm over there?” I say.
“Yes. But only where I am.”
I step closer to the voice, and shine the light, and there is a NAKED OLD MAN trying to wave me over to him!
I nearly fell down in the water getting away. Laura’s trying to tell me that she knew the whole time, but I couldn’t hear her!
It was awful.
Naked old men.
After that, I decided to ruin one of my characters days by throwing in a nude man.

I am very evil.
But sometimes it’s ok to be. As long as you’re evil to the right characters. Heh heh

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