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Three Things Thursday

by Cheryl Van Eck


I attended a seminar by Shannon Hale a few years ago, and someone asked, “How do you balance writing full-time with having two young children?”

(As you can see, this was a long time ago, as she now has four children.)

Her response was this: “I made a list of all my priorities in order. First was God. Second was my family. And third was writing. That means writing trumps sleep, food, laundry, housecleaning, and anything else that might need to be done.”

I’ve been trying this lately. After I put my baby to bed at night, I try to get a little writing done. I haven’t made great progress on my novel, but it does help my own feelings of well-being. If writing is your calling, your passion, so to speak, then there are few things that will soothe your soul like writing. 

Do I miss out on sleep? Yes. But what I gain is more valuable than sleep.

So, tell us: What are your priorities? How high up is writing on your list?


by Brenda Bensch

I just read a short article in the new Writer’s Digest (May/June 2014) where a first time novelist, who had already published poetry and personal essays, asked her young niece to read her MG novel and see if she had any suggestions. This young lady gave her some VERY specific critiques and ideas, then suggested using some of her friends as readers, to get even more feedback from readers who didn’t already know her. The author, Kathleen M. Jacobs, said she suddenly realized the importance of going “straight to the source,” her target audience.
Who makes up your most “appropriate readership” ? No nephews or nieces the right age? What about a “project” for a local school class? An interested group of readers gathered at a library? How can you engage unbiased readers who don’t already know you and might worry about hurting your feelings? Go to The Source!


by Carol

School is out soon and I plan an experiment.

A writing experiment, of course.

I will include you all. I have three books I want to finish in short order.

I’m also starting a writing business.

I will include you on that, too.

But here are a few questions for you. I think it’s a good time to look at that Romance Novel you started in February. It’s rested for a month-ish. Pull it out. Look it over.

1. What works in the novel?

2. What are the strengths?

3. What are the weaknesses?

4. In just a page, jot down all the ideas you get as you read through the book.


By the way, I found a yummy place for us to eat next time. And I mean YUMMY! Maybe we will discuss our romances (novels or otherwise!).

PS Started THIRSTY again. Yup. It’s great.


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