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The Tale of a Purse – by Debbie Nance

I bought a purse yesterday.

This was a big thing for me to do.

I will list my reasons:

                1. I like my old stuff, which shouldn’t be allowed to wear out.

                2. It is hard to find new likeable stuff.

                3. I hate spending the going price of a purse.

                4. Purses now days are enormous.

Probably no less than four years ago, I desperately needed a new purse. The reason being my old one was falling apart and I had put off buying a new purse for several years. My daughter was having a shoe and purse party so, of course, I attended. I found the cutest pair of black boots imaginable AND (the best part) they had a matching purse AND (the next best part) they weren’t very expensive.

The only thing was that the purse was HUGE. It was so cute, though, it didn’t matter.

Now, if you know me well, you know I have a sort of planner that has everything in it, which goes inside my purse. Besides that, I have the assorted necessaries like car keys, cell phone, an extra pen, and a couple of tissues—since I can cry at the drop of a hat or the mention of a Hallmark Card commercial. I also have a safety pin, Ibuprofen, cough drops, eye-glass cleaner cloths, a sewing kit, dental floss, hand sanitizer, pictures of my grandkids, etc., but all those fit in one pocket.

I loved my new purse and how fashionable I looked with it when I wore my boots. However, the purse was big! Big enough I could put a book or two inside and/or regular size folders. But then the drawbacks, it was heavy! And so big I couldn’t find anything in it. I would have my arm in up to my elbow unable to find my ringing cell phone. A pathetic sight, I’m sure.

So though I loved the purse, I thought as soon as it began to wear out I would purchase one about half the size. Two years or so went by, and, unfortunately one of the little-feety-thingys meant to protect the bottom of the purse from resting flat on the ground, came off. Ah well, I thought, the time has come, I will begin to look for an inexpensive smaller purse.

Surprise, my mother found out and bought me a purse for my birthday, but it was the same size! (Although, thankfully, it did have fewer pockets.) The new purse was cute and it sort of matched my boots and I found a pair of regular shoes that did go with it so I decided I would love it.

More years went by and this second purse began to fall apart. I began to look for a replacement. I wanted a smaller one that was reasonably priced.

Two weeks ago, I went to an unfamiliar grocery store and there was a rack of purses. I checked the prices and found one that sort of matched my old ones. But it was a grocery store and I was in a hurry, so I passed.

However, I kept thinking about that purse. Finally, when my purse handle was falling apart, I switched back to my older gigantic one, but right off I lost my cell phone inside.

So yesterday, I made the trip back to the grocery store and bought a new purse.

What does this have to do with writing?

Maybe nothing.

I probably won’t use this info in a novel, but I might use the concept sometime and have a character with a huge purse that she loses things in. I’ll have this blog to remind me of the details.

Some days, when you think you can’t write, remember you can. You just need to sit down with your pen or at your computer and write about something, something that happened that day or that week.

To be a writer, you MUST write. Start with something familiar then move into writing scenes that further your book.

I just wrote 700 words about buying a new purse.

You can write, too! I know you can. Go for it!

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