So Lately

I have been overwhelmed and panicked about things I must do.

In a bad way.


(Too big. Too much.)



I want to be with my girls.

And my friends–more than I am now which is almost never.

I want to write.

I want to fulfill my callings.

And I want to make sure the conference is a success (


What I don’t want to do is wake up feeling like I’m gonna puke because I’m stressed.

I won’t want to cry because extra work is piled on me.

Dream about it.

Worry over it.

Wonder how to get it done.


I know why  some people just want to hide.


Talking to a publisher today (maybe).

To ease my burden.


But there is this–I’ve made some people angry.


Remember how I said  Treat Writing Like a Job?

Being your own boss means knowing when to say no.

Even when it isn’t popular.


I’m going back to sleep.




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7 responses to “So Lately

  1. Oh, Carol, you always want to take care of everyone else. And then I read a few days ago that you want to start a writing business? Don’t even think about it until the conference is over. And then take a week off and go sit in a forest somewhere and regenerate. Take good food to eat. And a blank notebook because I know you can’t go that long without writing.

  2. benschwensch

    Are you kidding? That’s “material” staring you right in the face . . . WRITE about the Bears ! ! !


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