Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee (and Happy Anniversary, Ann Dee and Cam!)


I am having a birthday tomorrow.

I’ve lost yet another year.

How do they fly by so fast?

I have a lot of things I wish I could have done. 😦 But instead of dwelling on the bad, I’ll write a list of the good.

1. Almost a year ago I bought myself my favorite car. Good money saving, and surprisingly good credit, and I’ve managed. I’m even ahead on my payments!

2. I finished my second novel. And then rewrote it. And then rewrote it again. {I should be completely done with a third rewrite tonight!} And unlike the first novel, I think that this one is actually pretty good. {The last one has all kinds of horrible horrible problems. Maybe that’s something I can fix with this fresh new year I have ahead of me. Or maybe I’ll just ignore it for the rest of my life.}

3. I’ve started a small {soon to grow, I hope!} critiquing business with Mom. I’ve already read through three or four great novels that I know will get published. {If you know anyone wanting their pages looked at, send them our way!}

4. I’ve successfully gone to the gym on a regular basis. It’s been hard, but working out has not only made me feel good about myself, it’s also helped my brain. I have an hour and a half of free time just for my brain to wander. I’ve even come up with a book idea. {Maybe it’s not great, but it’s my next project!}

5. I have figured out how to control my stress and anxiety.
It’s been a long process, but this last year I’ve really gotten a grasp on my emotions, and it’s helped a bunch. Especially with my relationships and my writing.

So goodbye age 23. I’ll miss you. I wanted to find a magic potion to keep me 21 forever, and that never happened.
I guess I’ll just have to welcome 24 with open arms. {Since I don’t have a choice!}

Off to do more writing!!


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6 responses to “Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee (and Happy Anniversary, Ann Dee and Cam!)

  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds to me like you had a great year! You gained much in a short time. Here’s to #24!

  2. I was 24 once. It was a while ago. Happy b-day.

  3. Kyra

    Thanks, guys!!

  4. CLW

    Happy almost birthday, Kyra. I love you. And also adore you. I am proud you are my daughter.

  5. Happy birthday! Congratulations on the critiquing business with your mom. I know you will be successful.


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