Happy Birthday Kyra!

This is a week of celebrations! 

Today is my book’s birthday too. I’m giving away a couple of my books and some candy on my website that I never use. All you have to do is leave a comment about what food you want at your funeral. This is an important thing to think about. AND if you mention Kyra’s birthday in the post and you win, I’ll send you an extra treat! Kyra too! 


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Kyra!

  1. Happy book birthday, Ann Dee! And happy birthday Kyra! *throws confetti* It won’t let me comment on your website, Ann Dee, so I’ll just post here: I want everyone to eat ice cream at my funeral. Maybe have an ice cream bar where you can request your favorite flavors. Everything’s better with ice cream. 🙂

  2. CLW

    It won’t let me post either, Ann Dee. And I wanna win a book. Can I, if I am your blog mate?
    I think a lot about my funeral. A lot.
    First of all, someone will sing Wind Beneath My Wings. Over and over. Hopefully that will be Bette Midler.
    There will be plenty of videos–but not of me because I don’t take film of myself.
    People will have to read the favorite parts of my books or tell what I did to make them laugh OR feel like crap.
    I want people to cry. A lot. And loudly. And for a long time.
    There will be a dance afterward, with all my favorite dance music. This will take several hours, so I am going to have some great food.
    1. a chocolate fountain, but not one you can a) lick
    or b) double-dip
    or c) sneeze into
    2. funeral potatoes because yes! Delish!
    3. Shrimp with extraordinary cocktail sauce
    4, Homemade rolls with LOTS of butter. People can get as many as they want.
    5. These delish cookies I found the recipe to. They are sweet and salty. Chocolate chip. (Milk chocolate.)
    6. Rice crispy treats–with extra butter and marshmallow
    7. Butter mints (as a parting gift. Along with a book that I wrote and then bought all the remainder copies of, because what else will my girls do with them these extras?)
    8.Thai deep friend shrimp with delish dipping sauce.
    9. Kyra–who has a birthday today–will make salmon (super fresh) and so will Elise. It will be cold. And served with that cocktail sauce and lemons.
    10. The butter )for the rolls) will be in the shape of my books.
    11. An assortment of fresh lemonades–different flavors.
    That’s all the space and time I have now because I have to finish Three Thing Thursday. This menu will have to be tweaked, I know. But this is just off the top of my head.


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