Writing Like a Writer

Are you?

Writing like a writer, I mean?

Are you taking the job seriously?

Reading novels?

Taking notes on what makes them work?

Going to signings?


Dreaming about your novel?

Wondering how to make it better?

REALLY making positive use of your butt in chair time?

Are you succeeding? Do YOU think so? Will you write, no matter what–even if your books only have an audience of one–you?

Are you reaching number goals?

Not giving up the dream?

Working to be published?

Listening to advice?

But not listening to too much advice?

Do you tell yourself you can do it?

Do you love the writing journey, even the hardest parts?


Keep going.

Don’t give up.

Work hard.

Read hard.

Love hard.

Play hard.

Be glad for this journey



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4 responses to “Writing Like a Writer

  1. I’m working hard on trying to get something written every day. Even if it’s simply working on character development of my MC, I make sure there’s something.

  2. CLW

    Excellent! THAT is the key.

  3. sueburton

    Going to signings?
    That one threw me. Other than reaching number goals (which I don’t make) I think I can answer yes to everything except the one listed above. So, I’m listening to advice, but not too much advice. 😉

    • CLW

      Sure, Sue, going to signings. It’s good to see who is out there, what they are doing, what they have published and what they can teach you.


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