Happy Friday-Before-Memorial-Day! by Debbie Nance

Monday is Memorial Day. Our family has a tradition of visiting the nearby graves of deceased relatives. We usually take flowers and sometimes flags. We always take photos. Now that our children are older, they bring their children along, and we caravan together to meet at the cemeteries. Then we have lunch and retell stories of our loved ones. It is a great day of remembrance.

One of our aunts never married. She is getting older and picked out her own headstone. It has a design that includes musical notes and a softball and bat, showing two of her favorite hobbies. She had the stone placed on her plot a few years ago so when she passes, relatives will only have to have the death date added. Her headstone is near her parents so she sees her own memorial each year. I’d say that is a little quirky, but one thing for sure, she’s prepared.

Think about your latest WIP. What traditions does your MC have? What quirks does she/he have?

Write a scene that shows the uniqueness of your MC and then enjoy the holiday!

And remember there are only 24 days until WIFYR so sign up before it’s too late. Hope to see you there!

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