The End or Something Like That

Just over a week ago, I went Ann Dee’s book signing.

The End or Something Like That.

She read.

A perfect reading.

I’d heard this book before. Had read it. Maybe even more than once. Loved the book as I watched it develop.


Here’s the thing about Ann Dee. She is a fast, smart writer. She knows how to move the plot forward.

Her characters are wacky. There are scenes that make you laugh. Make you cry.

She’s powerful with language. She keeps scenes tight. Not a wasted word.

The voice is incredible. A.E. Cannon is right–No one does voice like Ann Dee Ellis.

I honestly don’t know how she does it.


(Ann Dee and I are working on a book together. Sending crappy chapters back and forth to each other. Even her crappy chapters are great.)


And then you send your book to an editor.

Look, I know an editor’s job is to make your good book into a great book.

Do I always agree with editors?


Not when one is messing with your pal’s great novel.

(Actually, I have always agreed with MY editors. Except for one.)


Ann Dee kept telling me what was going on with her book. Sort of. Whisperings of what the editor wanted.

And I was like, Don’t do it!

Too much!



But this weekend I read The End or Something Like That.

Today, I am remembering the book emotionally.

There’s this sad blanket over me.

For lots of reason.

But the biggest is because Ann Dee did a beautiful job at a difficult time in her life and wrote a terrific book.


I will think about The End or Something Like That for a long time.


the line play

the character development

the emotion

Las Vegas









I could go on and on. It’s all there.


Beautiful, Ann Dee.

Thank you for the trip.

(Though I have to admit, I’ll probably be sad for a while. And I will blame you.)

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One response to “The End or Something Like That

  1. benschwensch

    Loved this review, and I’m anxious to read it . . . I was SO sorry not to be available when she did her reading!


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