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School’s out!

Summer challenge next week!!!!

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Some Good News, A Good Quote, and Something Weird

 – by Debbie Nance

Good news: My tumor-marker-numbers are down so the chemo is working, though it makes me feel icky and tired.

Good news: I still have some hair and eyelashes and eyebrows.

Good news: I was given a free subscription to Ancestry.com and I’ve been finding sources to prove my relatives are mine. Very fun!

Good news: I’m going to have another birthday. We’re celebrating on Saturday. I’m getting older, but possibly wiser.

Good news: WIFYR is coming! And WIFYR T-shirts are available for purchase online.

Good news: A friend called and wanted more tickets for the Thursday Keynote event with James Dashner. This is going to be a great conference!

Good quote: “You have to finish things — that’s what you learn from, you learn by finishing things.” — Neil Gaiman

Something Weird: There is a goose in my front yard. Really. I can hear it honking. How strange is that?

I think you should write a scene that includes a goose, a birthday party, and someone looking for a relative. 

And definitely plan to come to WIFYR. 

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