This Year’s Totally Radical Summer Challenge: 2nd Annual

Today was the first official day of summer break. 

Here are the good things: oldest boy almost finished Holes, we did a fun art project and we got to go to the Bean Museum. 

Here are the bad things: Someone dumped out a gallon of milk, I stepped in a puddle of pee, and I got hit in the head with a baseball bat all before 8 a.m.

So overall, a great start to summer! 

For our challenge this year, like usual, you pick your goals. You should make one reading goal (read a book a week! Read more genres! Start posting reviews! Stop watching I Want to Marry Harry!) and one writing goal (write 1000 words a day! Write for 15 minutes a day! Revise an old book! Don’t cry when you think about writing).

The challenge will go through August. In order to enter, you should post your goals in the comment section. Each week you can write an update–we can keep each other honest and push each other. For fun, I suggest you make a chart that you can color in for every day you make your goal. Or put a dollar in a jar. Or come clean my house if you don’t make your goal each week. Whatever is motivating. Share those tactics too! 

The whole goal is to move forward this summer. Why should all the school kids have the fun? At the end of the year we’ll have a celebration pool party in the pool I’m going to buy from Target this week. There will be strawberry lemonades, maybe a fire for marshmallows (if we can find a fire worthy garbage can) and probably a slip n’ slide. And readings! Of course readings! If you aren’t local, of course you should throw your own celebratory party with your writer friends or your family or neighbors. Just tell them you deserve it. 

My goals are this: 

Read nine fun books–I just finished Everything on a Waffle by Polly Horvath and I loved it! Where has it been all my life?

Write SOMETHING every day–I hope to polish a draft enough to send it on to my editor and finish another one by the end of summer.

And finally, (I always like to have one or two non-writing related ones but you DO NOT have to do this), ride my bike, kids in tow, once a week. And eat shaved ice once a week. And stop watching I Want to Marry Harry or any other trashy TV shows that I don’t watch anyway because I’m not like that so it should be really easy). 

What are you goals? 



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16 responses to “This Year’s Totally Radical Summer Challenge: 2nd Annual

  1. Lisa

    I am in Scotland for the summer and have joined a writing group here, quite the adventure every Monday night, let me tell you! But my writing goal is to finish the novel I’m currently working on (revise/write 1,000 words a day), read one book a week, and experience at least a handful of new things in this beautiful country every weekend when I’m not working. Summer…it’s gonna be awesome.

  2. I love Everything on a Waffle and it has a sequel A Year in Coal Harbor. My goal for June is to make it to and through WIFYR. My goal for July is to make it through chemo and fun visits from grandchildren. My goal for August is to regroup and write. More Details to follow.

  3. Brittney Wallentine

    I was supposed to have a writing group this summer, but they apparently bailed. So… my goal is to write 500 words a day. Lately I’ve been reading more than writing, so I’m cutting back, but I’d still like to read a book every week or so. And I want to take my son to the library for toddler time at least every other week.

  4. My goals are to:
    -write, write, write up to and through WIFYR
    -go to Europe and not write at all
    -average 4 hours a day writing after returning
    -read, read, read

  5. CLW

    My goals:
    * Ellen Hopkins Conference
    * finish and send draft of Zondervan book to agent (girls are at girl’s camp)
    * WIFYR
    * finish ghost book, send to agent
    * write part of book with Ann Dee
    * ALA
    * trip to Indiana
    * MAYBE work on middle grade book that’s 2/3 done
    * keep writing with Ann Dee (can we finish that book in July and August if we each do a section per day?)
    * do one fun thing with the girls, daily
    * catch up the danged laundry (this will be the hardest goal of all)

    Why do I always overdo things?
    (Deadlines are part of the reason. But otherwise. Could I just sit and watch TV all day? Yes. Yes, I could.)

  6. My goals:
    finish editing my novel and off to my beta readers
    write 1000-2000 words per day on my new novel
    survive my in-laws…. and still write

  7. Oddstuffs

    My writing goals are:
    -Finish the novel I’m working on.
    -Do a major editing pass on a novel I wrote before.
    -Manage 50,000 words to the second book of the story I wrote before for NANOWRIMO Camp in July.
    -Write something new every day.

    Reading goals:
    -Join the local book group and read their books once a month.
    -Read two other new novels or writing help books each month.

  8. Writing goal: Finish drafting current project
    Reading goal: Say no to at least one person asking me to crit their book…it’s seriously getting out of control and I’m too much of a people-pleaser.
    Non writing goal: Finish cleaning and decorating house. Purge purge purge!

  9. benschwensch

    My summer goals:
    Survive WIFYR
    Saturday after WIFYR, rest, rest, rest — no guilt ! ! !
    Thereafter, I will AT LEAST:
    Write 2-3 hours / day, including rewrites, articles/essays, a FEW blogs,
    Read 2-3 hours / day
    Work on house: (I’ll use Ilima’s words: Purge, Purge, Purge ! )
    Re-evaluate at the end of 3 weeks
    Tweak anything that’s not working

  10. rbirkin1

    I want to finish an edit of the book my daughter keeps begging me to revise and submit, and get a good solid outline and beginning to the new one I keep begging myself to finally write.
    Query and submit the three short stories I’ve been sitting on for months.

  11. shar

    my goals :
    start exercising 3-4 days per week again.
    read two books per month, including a parenting book per child
    work on implementing the good info from each parenting book
    write one chapter per week
    get newborn sleeping through the night (ie 8hrs straight)

  12. My goals are to get the final of final drafts and edits done on my current novel and query the beast. And while that is happening, move on and write the draft of the contemporary I’ve started.

  13. And to stop feeling bad that I miss out on WIFYR this year which is starting as I write this.


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