Some Days

are harder than others.

Today is one of those sad days because of past events.

And I have something wrong with me. I have a hard time crying when I am alone and need to. I want to cry, but cannot.

Why does your character cry?

Or why do they feel stopped up?

What are the hard parts of your character’s life?

Past the surface, what are the things that make her ache?

And how will you, the author, help them through it? Or will the character always mourn?

Today, I’m thinking of those who have loved and lost, for those who have lost someone they won’t see until the next life, and for those who have lost hope.

You are in my heart.


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3 responses to “Some Days

  1. My 15yo daughter lost a friend last week to a drunk driver. Hard times at our house the last few days. Funeral this week. Too young to die. Too young to have to attend a funeral for a classmate. 😦 I hope you find a way to cry today. I’ll join you. *hugs*

  2. CLW

    Gosh, Ilima. I’m really sorry. Hugs to you, too.

    • A BIGGEST FAN from the PAST

      My character would cry because it would seem that everyone who had ever loved her had stopped loving her – as though she were not worthy of the love they had once had for her. So cry, bleep-it, cry! If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the character. Then, after the purging, WRITE that character a happy ending. LOVE, a secret admirer.


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