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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

I’ve been down in the dumpsters lately. I try not to dwell on the crappy stuff, but sometimes I can’t help it. But instead if complaining, I’m going to list up some great stuff that happened this week!
-I wrote. Something new. Could be crappy. Only time will tell. But at least I wrote.
-I read I’ll Give You the Sun. I know all ya’ll are gonna love that one. Glad I got an early copy of it.
-There was actually some good news given to me and Mom that I think might actually really help me.
-I had a brainstorming session with Mom. And we also had some amazing lunch. {not so amazing ice cream tho}
– I got to spend time with Nina. And during our time together. . . We got to see our favorite singer LADY GAGA together in concert. {blew my mind!!!!!}
– I feel some new voices in my head, and that is a good sign. Maybe I have more than one new writing idea.
-I’m happy to be alive.

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