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The First Day of the Month

That means goals for me.

Last night, I spent a good amount of time writing EVERYTHING in the world I wanted to accomplish in my life as my September goals. I love doing this.


Here are a couple of writing goals from me:

1. Finish Ghost book

2. Finish addiction book

3. Work with Ann Dee and finish a dirty draft of the novel we’re doing together.


this month we’ll be meeting at Olive Garden. For those who have attended, this is a fun time to get together.

Depending on number of people attending, we’ll read between 150-250 words from a WIP.

As well, we’ll share our writing accomplishments.

Date to come.

PLUS, Ann Dee and I may have a fun writing contest we may do. Yes, those are mays in September!

I say we, but Ann Dee will be in charge.

AND AND This is my birthday month. Yesterday, I spent five minutes arguing with my daughter about how old I will be.

She’s shocked!

So, what are your goals for September?

How will you accomplish them?



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