It’s Spam Day Again

So the other day I was shopping online. I had a catalog for flowers and plants and bulbs. I love irises and I clicked on a beautil melon-ish colored iris to see the price. And you’re right. I couldn’t afford it.


When I went to Facebook the next day, there on my page was the very ad I had perused.

I’m not kidding.

They’re watching us. Like always.

You can be tracked by your computer, phone and that chip you were implanted with.

This makes me wonder about all the emails that keep winding up in my spam. (And yes, I have to look through the spam box to make sure something from a friend didn’t wind up in there.)

Here’s a list of what I found after a few hours. And not a complete list, mind you:

Single and Sweet

Asian Hotties

Married Hall Pass

Want a One Night Stand?

Sexy Local Girls

Swing Community


A Secret Relationship

Sexy Latina at Your Service

Sexy Slutzzz

Naked Profiles

Big N Hard

Dog Food Coupon

I’m not sure if they want me to come work for them or not. Except for Big N Hard, of course.

My question is WHY.

Why Me?

I’ve been asking myself this since I was six months old.

Why me?

It’s even on my car tag: Y** ME*. And no, that’s not a joke. It’s the truth. I couldn’t believe when I saw it.

Here’s what I know–every day I fight against the Y ME. And many times I succumb.

I feel sorry for myself.

She has a movie deal for her book.

She has a series on TV.

He sold a billion copies.

His house is bigger.

No, I don’t want a One Night Stand.

I want to teach myself to be happy with what I have.

That’s a great thing to work on the week before my 108 birthday.

And in the month after.

Maybe it’s okay to spend ten dollars on a bulb if you get true joy from it?

Or to spend a year with a character because she makes you laugh?

Or to be thrilled that your daughter has an agent and your amazing blog partner is going to have a Baby Girl Named Carol?

It’s about attitude.

My new goals, Happier Attitude.

More Reading.

More Writing.

Happier Family Moments Because of Me.

Now, let’s see what happens on Facebook. Will Big N Hard be waiting for me?





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2 responses to “It’s Spam Day Again

  1. you are so awesome. and so funny. and so honest. i do this way too much – comparing. i’m trying really hard not to do that. we should celebrate not comparing by going out for something. ice cream? frozen yogurt? buying irises?


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