Dreary Monday

However, I’m excited! Today will be my first day writing in my brand new office chair.

With a ten year warranty.

I can now say Books Written BC and AC.


Yesterday was my birthday.

My girls gave me this new chair, a container of sand from FL and a PERFECT shell found in the ocean, an expensive pillow, a sweet trinket, lamp shades for some rockin’ garage sales lamps I found a few years back (3 bucks a piece), and something that may arrive today.

I didn’t ask for the chair, which I needed most of all.

They could see what the old one had done to me, physically. And they heard about it. Finally I pulled in a kitchen chair, but the damage was already done.

Saturday night they surprised me with this gift.


Here’s what most important about this. Now in control of their gift-giving (and they have been for years), they paid attention and got me something that I needed.


While I am so grateful to be divorced, it’s hard to not have a partner, to always carry the burden. I’m always worried about money, about my children, about my friends, about deadlines.

And I’m lonely, sad, overworked and underpaid, lots of times heartbroken. The feel-sorry-for-myself-list goes on forever. I would have never purchased this for myself.

(It’s so huge and comfortable and soft. AND leather!)


I haven’t been this touched by a gift in, maybe, forever.

People listened to me with their hearts.

My girls did.

After they gave me the chair, I felt a little less lonely.


I could relate this to writing and talk about what’s important to your character and how does she feel now and how is she changed. I could ask about her family and her relationships and ask what does she need. But I’m not going to. I’m going to say I’m changed because my girls listened and because this gift showed me they love me. I’ve kinda needed this.


Thank you Carolina, Elise, Laura, Kyra and Caitlynne.

Thank you for caring.


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17 responses to “Dreary Monday

  1. rbirkin1

    Way to go, girls! Happy Belated Birthday, Carol!

  2. rockstarwriter231

    ( :

  3. I’m so glad you have such wonderful daughters. And I’m late, but Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy birthday, Carol. What a wonderful gift from your amazing girls.

  5. lisakroylance

    Happy birthday, Carol! And that really made me think and feel and wonder. Thank you.

  6. benschwensch

    And I second that . . . ALL the above — congrats to you and TO YOUR GIRLS ! ! !

  7. Beautiful. you have the best girls and you deserve it.

  8. lisakroylance

    Lame this didn’t post before when I tried! Happy late birthday, Carol. Thanks for this post too, it made me think and feel and wonder.

  9. I’m sorry to be late with the birthday wishes. I wish you all good things and some caramels too. I’ll get some made and then we will figure out how to get them to you. Are you still in the valley or in SLC?

    I wish I were like your girls. Phil’s birthday came and went and he didn’t even get a card. I appreciate him but I’ll bet he doesn’t know. I’m a bad wife.


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