Anyone Playing in

National Novel Writing Month?

I am, but only if I finish the two books I am working on now.


One of these two books I started years ago–and very nearly completed during NaNoWriMo.

Whatever the case, we get prepared this month for what will happen next.


Today’s exercise:

Do your normal writing.

But, in addition,

Develop two characters this week.

Flesh them out.

Draw them.

Make a file for each.


Who are they?

Do you like them?

Do you plan on using them next month?


Is one your main character?

Is one a villain?

Are they lovers?

Think of every possibility about these two. Remember to ask (for both), what does he want? And why does he want this thing?



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3 responses to “Anyone Playing in

  1. Cheryl Christensen

    This is excellent! Thank you for posting this!

  2. benschwensch

    Herb and I will both be doing NaNo . . . now if I only knew what work on. Thanks for the last couple of days’ blogs! If I come up with a character, or a story line, I’ll start answering the questioned posed on Throwing Up Words!


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