Today I am trying to make this meal. It’s in the crockpot right now and it was a beast to get ready because

a) there are a lot of ingredients,

b) I decided to triple it because I am so lazy and thought it would be better to make enough for thirty meals than just one if I was going to put in so much effort but then it wouldn’t all fit in the crockpot so then I had to take out some stuff and so now it probably won’t taste good but I’m going to make everyone eat for thirty days anyway and

c) my baby can walk but not talk and he yells at me all day to communicate and he is a very sweet boy but sometimes I don’t like yelling so I try to do sign language but then he chucks stuff at me and yells louder so I had to cook while he was screaming but i did hand him food periodically which he also chucked except for the raw sweet potato which he actually ate.

So there’s that.

There’s also something I’ve been thinking about which is this: Can I change my personality?

Example: I start things but I have a hard time finishing them. Can I change that?

Example: I like things organized but I am messy so then it takes me 50,000 times longer to clean the house and I keep reorganizing things but then they don’t stay that way. Can I change that?

Example: I never ever plot. Can I change that?

Example: I like the idea of a garden but I don’t put in the work. Can I change that?

One time a neighbor who told me to pull up my whole front yard because it was ugly so I did and then she helped me restart, one time she told me that I needed to be an adult. She said this because I said, “I don’t want to do this because I won’t keep it up.”

She said, “Why not?”

And I said, “It’s just not my thing. It’s NOT MY PERSONALITY.”

She said, “Change your personality. Be an adult. You have the opportunity to do something beautiful. Why not do it?”

I thought to myself, yes. I can do this. I can have a lovely garden and yard.

I don’t.

So maybe I can’t change?

And writing. Do you write every day? Do you wish you did? How do you change?

Do you do awesome at characters but can’t pace worth anything? How do you change?

Are you an amazing marketer and have a billion friends on Twitter but you can’t get past the first chapter?

I’d like to know how you have changed, or learned, or adapted, or made a commitment to try something you don’t normally excel at and then voila! you did it. I’d love to hear success stories because I am happy with who I am but there are some things I’d like to try to do better.

Nanorwrimo may be a good playing field to try some of these new habits i have in mind. I may just try it.



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4 responses to “Dogs

  1. Oddstuffs

    You can do it! Do the thing!

  2. CLW

    I am way older than you are. I still do all that stuff. My kids yelled at me. They still do. Mostly they are done throwing stuff at me.
    It’s weird.
    I used to do so much more.
    Now I just want to do three things a day.
    Get up.
    Get dressed.
    Put in my contacts. I mean, contact. I only wear one.

    Some days I only get the first thing done.
    I will help you eat the 30 days of sweet potatoes.

  3. How many really adult adults do you adore? (Be honest.) None. How many childish, spontaneous, a littlebitwacky adults do you adore? All of them, I’ll bet. Be the same adult you already are. You really can’t improve on who you are or you would have been someone else. You do you to perfection. Don’t change.

  4. Today I got the children dressed. My son was heart broken not to have another pajama day. “Why can’t I wear pajamas for clothes again?” he asked.

    “Because normal people get dressed,” I said.

    “I don’t want to be normal.”

    He almost won me over. Almost.

    So the kids were dressed. My two year old made a gigantic mess in the kitchen. I snapped a picture of her crying because she was covered in goo and it was funny. Then I gave the kids baths and dressed them for the second time. We played with our new puppy and I scrubbed poop out of the carpet. We captured crickets in the backyard and put them in the space beneath my son’s big wheel seat. There are already at least two dozen dead ones in there, but he continues to feed them grass, calling them the “family pets”. As if we don’t have enough animals at our house. I turned on Sesame Street and took a nap. We went to the park. I bought dinner from the deli section at the grocery store. After putting the kids to bed, I went to the library and hit my writing goal for the day.

    The house is a disaster, dishes are piled in the sink, and there’s a million other things I would do better if I was a real “grown up”.


    I’m calling the day a wild success, and going to bed early. 🙂


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