Halloween is only a few days away!

A few things:

1. Ally Condie’s launch party for her new book ATLANTIA is tonight at the Provo Library! Come!

2. Write a 25 word scary story and email it to us at anndeeellis@gmail.com. We’ll post them on Halloween and scare all the kiddies.

3. My son loves grape juice. LOVES IT. I am paying for this love. Yesterday he sprayed grape juice all over the ceiling. Today he did this:

grape juice

This is my life when I’m not writing. What is your life? If you send us pictures to the above email address, we’ll also feature them not on Halloween but on other important days. Make sure to label your pic with your name and whatever else you’d like to share about your life as a writer.



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One response to “Halloween is only a few days away!

  1. i completely missed a few posts and therefore missed Allie’s launch party! I had no idea it was happening. how did it go?

    and i’m sorry about the grape juice. shall i send trav over to paint the ceiling for you?


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