Writing Baby Shower for Ann Dee

Here’s what I know so far– (about the shower. If I have to talk about something else, man, we are in trouble.)

We have a venue–The Orem Public Library

Why: Because this is a Writing Baby Shower. Instead of you eating poop candy out of diapers, we’ll be doing some writing things.

When: Thursday, Nov 20

Time: 7-8:30 pm

NOTE–This date is subject to change. If the baby comes early, we’ll do this in December. Probably on the 25.

Ann Dee has 4 boys and so she needs anything and everything for a baby girl. Oh! I can’t stand this, I’m so excited!

Please RSVP to carolthewriter@yahoo.com so we have enough whatever is usually at a baby shower. Put Baby Shower or BS in the subject line.

And thank you in advance.



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One response to “Writing Baby Shower for Ann Dee

  1. ally condie

    Ack! I will be out of town but would so have loved to come! What an AWESOME idea!


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