Writing Night Youdon’thavetobringmeanything Shower!

I am excited for next week’s gathering!

A writing night! Yay!

HOWEVER, please don’t feel like you need to bring me something. If anything, you can write a limerick or a flash fiction piece on having five kids and why that’s maybe not the best idea (or maybe it is? advice limericks?). I think we should all just hang out and have fun together and write. That will take my mind off this impending shift that is about to rock our world–that alone is a wonderful gift! 🙂

Also, here is how my son does his homework:

IMG_2015 (1)

I hadn’t checked his work for awhile. My mothering skills are off the charts.

Feel free to use this as your writing prompt for the day–a child who writes this in his math workbook when the mood strikes.

See you all next week!



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3 responses to “Writing Night Youdon’thavetobringmeanything Shower!

  1. CLW

    Of course we want to bring things! Right everyone????
    And I love the idea of a limerick to help you.
    And those haiku
    and cheese and fruit plates
    and a dessert

  2. lisakroylance

    I would totally go and bring something if I was located in the same state. And you probably don’t remember me Ann Dee, but I said hi to you at the Provo Temple one evening and said I just read your blog post and loved it. I’m sure you were thinking, who is this chick and where did she come from?? But regardless, I’m excited for you! Congrats on the incoming girl 🙂

  3. right, Carol!
    and yes to limericks. they are so fun to write.


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