Three Things Thursday


What: Writing Baby Shower. Games are Writing Games. You might even walk out of the party with a story idea.

Who: All Writers. All Friends of Ann Dee Knight Ellis.

Boy Writers May Attend, too. We want you there.

When: Nov 20, 2014

Time: 7-8:30

Where: Orem Public Library, 58 North State Street, Orem, UT

More specific directions: Orem City Rotunda (reception area just outside of the City Council Chambers).

Covered food items may be brought in through the library entrance.

Enter through the main library door. Take the breezeway on your left into the adult (south) wing. Continue out the library’s South entrance into the City Building. You are still inside the city buildings, cross through this second breezeway and into the Rotunda.

NOTE: This is Ann Dee’s first baby girl. She has four adorable boys. At this point she has little for a female child! Let’s change that!

Look for: Utah Writers and Authors
Celebrating Author Ann Dee Ellis and Her New ‘Edition’

From Cheryl

I just came across this video, and it’s fascinating.  It’s made for photographers, but it relates to writing as well. 

The video shows hundreds of different photographs taken by different people with different cameras, but with almost identical results. The point? Pretty much any picture you take, just like with any story you write, has been done before. Nothing is truly unique.

But then it goes on to make the point that you should take comfort in that. There is beauty in the similarities, and in the idea that all across the world we are finding common experiences.

In Nanowrimo, you’re coming up on your Murky Middle. This is when you will doubt yourself. This is when you realize that this is the exact plot of Indiana Jones if he was in the Star Wars universe. This is when you decide it’s not worth it, you’ll never get published, you’re wasting your time.

Stop it.

No, your story isn’t unique, and that’s okay. It’s your story, no one else’s.

Get your butt back in that chair and keep writing.



From Brenda

Boy!  Just in Time ! ! !
As some of you know, I’d set up a regimen of writing for one hour, reading for one (genre-related materials), and writing for another one.  Then, during the last 3 days or so, I’ve been just barely clocking in the 750 words needed on in spite of their reminders, incentives, “badges,” etc.  JUST enough to keep my “streak of 300 days” there going.  But I’m trying to do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which requires 1,667 words “a day” (average) to get the 50K by the end of November.
What to do?  I was discouraged and struggling with sticking to it, after what I thought was a stellar beginning.  It’s a book I care about writing.  But still . . .
Then this morning (11/10/14) at 5-something a.m., I opened my email of the day from Write to Done: Unmissable Articles on Writing, a piece entitled “7 Ways To Keep Writing When You Feel Like Giving Up” by Alison Breen. [ ]  Check it out, to get full value from this thoughtful article . . . it may help you, too.  Still, I’m going to list the seven insightful ideas, most of which relate to keeping up your “grit” quotient:
1.  Know Your Writing Motivation
2.  Practice Mindfulness
3.  Manage Your Self-Talk
4.  Shift Your Focus
5.  Learn to Regulate Your Emotions
6.  Shift to a Growth Mindset
7.  Keep Your Energy Levels High
And I’ll add one more – the ONLY thing I had come up with to help myself out this morning before I’d read this article:
8.  If I can’t write for an hour, I’ll write for 20 minutes . . .  I can do ANYTHING for 20 minutes!  (Then take a break and add another 20 minutes, and another 20 minutes, and another 20 minutes . . . )
Thanks, Write To Done, and Alison Breen !

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