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Advent Calendar for TUW

2. ten words that describe your MC

3. ten minutes writing a scene where your MC must make a decision that will change the course of the story. don’t pick your pencil off the paper. write straight through the time.

4. three minutes where you have the MC introduce herself to a significant other

5. use these words in a scene: fly-by-night, fraternize, humdinger. Only write for four minutes

6. write a limerick about the plot of your story

7. pick ten songs to go with the movie made about your book

8. now that we have a movie theme, who would play the characters in that show?

9. if a secondary character became the main character, how would your book change?

10. make any character in your book a list maker. now have them make three important lists dealing with the three subplots

11. characters move the plot forward. have a parent to your MC shift the story because of that parent’s actions.

12.your character has a favorite poem. what is it? why does he love this poem?

13.write a poem that your character memorizes

14.pack a picnic lunch for your character and the love interest. what is on the menu?

15.your character has one super power. what is it? what happens when she loses that power for good?

16. what is the biggest mistake your character makes in the novel?

17.using all five senses, write a scene that takes place somewhere the MC is uncomfortable. you have 8 minutes.

18. write your character’s obituary

19. write your character’s first kiss

20.write a chapter in a different style–perhaps short, choppy lines, all in haiku, just one sentence . . . you decide

21. What is the best thing that could happen to your MC? why?

22. what is the worst thing that could happen to your MC? why?

23. the antagonist gets to have his favorite meal. what is it?

24. your MC meets someone important. who is it? why is this person important?

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