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Three Things Thursday


It used to be assumed that teens had no interest in politics, and that politics had no place in YA novels.

However, I think J.K. Rowling successfully disproved that. Harry Potter is full of political themes, everything from civil rights to executive actions during wartime. Same with Hunger Games. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Hunger Games has more politics than romance.

And yet teens don’t bat an eye. They don’t skip over the political parts, they revel in them. They debate them. And perhaps most importantly, they begin to shape their own world views based on them.

Both protagonists and antagonists can be strengthened by having their own political views. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the time to get on your soap box and wax poetic about why a certain party is better than another. This is something that goes on behind the scenes. Something that you as the author know, but is never mentioned.

So ask yourself: Which of your characters support abortion? Gun control? Freedom of religion? Free speech? Universal healthcare? And most importantly, why do they feel this way?

Write it all down, but don’t reveal it. Then watch how your characters take on new life.



Did you make it?
No, I don’t mean did you “win” NaNo — I mean did you meet your goal for November? Now, what was it again? Did you lose the two pounds? Walk every single day? Cook a “real” meal for your family at least once a week?
Well, OK: did you meet or exceed whatever your goal was — and, yes, tell us what it was and how long it took to get there. (If it was 50K at NaNo, fine. If it was something else entirely, but you accomplished your
goal, even better.)
My ultimate goal was to get 50K for NaNo.  I made it by 10pm or so last night – was far enough behind I had to do a massive day of writing.
My extra goal was to get my weight down a bit.  Hey, Thanksgiving, and all! OK, I gained back the 3 lbs. I’d lost in early November.  I’ll do better this month.  Except for Christmas.  But if I don’t celebrate it EVERY day . . .
I hate to bring this up, what with the coming holidays and all, but now what’s your goal for December?
New goal: Keep working on the NaNo novel, even though I “won” it’s not a finished work.
New goal: Get to the gym AT LEAST 5 times per week.  Starting Dec. 1.
Start thinking of your goals. Send them to me here. I’ll save them and post at the end of the year to see if you did what you hoped you’d do.


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