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Three Things Thursday

From Cheryl

By the time you read this, I will be 39 weeks pregnant.

I’m massive.

I’m cranky.

My hormones are out of control.

I cried for almost half an hour the other day because I was craving In-N-Out but I’d already eaten and wasn’t hungry enough to eat again.

It made me think of what a fantastic unreliable narrator I would be. Just because my “problems” don’t make sense to anyone else doesn’t mean they aren’t real to me in the moment. Pregnancy makes non-issues seem like the apocalypse. Things get twisted and turned in my head and I feel like the whole world is against me. Everyone and everything seems to be picking on me personally. Fears and anxieties explode into full-blown terrors.

Unreliable narrators can make for fascinating novels. You never know whether or not to trust what they say, and yet you want to believe them. But to make them realistic, you have to be able to follow their logic, as twisted as it may be. They always have a reason for what they do and how they think.

Are you using an unreliable narrator? What problems have you run into?


From Brenda

Books We Love
Someone posted an on-line piece which said “When I recommend a favorite book to someone, I find that I’m jealous of the fact that they get to be reading it for the first time.”  And I SO feel that way!
Subsequently, I liked the post, shared it on my FB, then — in answer to it and a couple of questions from “friends,” I recommended THE EIGHT – a book out from years and years ago about an oil cartel, a Chess Master, a gorgeous U.S. female brainiac and computer expert, with flash-backs of the French Revolution.  A fascinating and curious path in an excellent book by Katherine Neville – the only book I can think of that I’ve ever read five times, other than, possibly, a couple of the Oz books when I was a kid.
For something of newer vintage, I suggested ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr, about a young blind girl in France and a pre-teen boy forced into service for the Hitler Youth organization in Germany. About a particular area during WW II, it is the most beautiful and touching writing you can imagine (if you love words, you’ll love the “poetry” of the language) and a fascinating picture of the era.  READ IT ! ! ! It’s long, but a surprisingly quick read with many, very short chapters.
What are YOU reading that you’d recommend for the “new” year?  We’d like to know.
From Carol
Write a scene from your character’s POV about their favorite holiday.

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