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And Another Thing . . .

So I was writing out my goals, one of those things I LOVE to do. I pen 200 + goals and accomplish 15 and feels mostly good about what I’ve done. Anyway, I was working on getting them all down (still am, actually) when I got a fortune cookie. No, it didn’t just fly in the air and land on my desk. The girls and I went for take out. And not New York take out like in Two Weeks Notice. Anyway, my fortune said this: “You don’t have to be perfect to be successful.”


I was sorta floored.


I’m always trying to be the best I can at lots of things. And I know I won’t be perfect, but what’s so bad about trying to be perfect?


The pressure. The stinking pressure perfection-seeking causes.


Here’s the deal–I needed that fortune. The part where it says I can still be successful.


There are so many books to work on and then I’ll be teaching again and I have to worry about my five daughters and wonder about child support and alimony and if that will ever be paid and if I have thoughtful presents and will I pay the bills on time and (since I’m LDS) will I do my church work the best I can and will we do a good job with my mother and there are so many things that need to be done on this house and boxes to unpack and I don’t have health insurance and Elise’s gall bladder is hurting her all the time now and there are three dogs to care for, three, and the conference, oh! the conference, and I have sick friends that I miss and friends who have big jobs to accomplish and I have to think of them and am I good example and how do I stop losing my temper and there are several broken hearts at my house and a few new loves and the blog, does it even matter to anyone, and Ann Dee has a new baby and I’ve only seen her once and the list just keeps going and going and going.


This is why I have so many goals.


I want to accomplish so many things.


I want to be really successful. Live off my writing. Stay these last days at home with my mom and daughters before the girls are caring for me.


But I don’t have to be perfect in all these areas. I just have to keep working.


Yes, I like this fortune.

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