Happy New Year!

from Carol!
Always along with my goals for a New Year is the thankfulness in my heart for the people I have spent the last year with.
Thank you to our eight readers.
We love you.
Being able to talk to the few of you, to know you are there, has many times offered me great peace.
I wish you that same kind of peace in 2015–the peace of being loved, understood and supported.
I look forward to being with you for the next 350 + days. Yippee!
SO much love!
from Brenda!
In mid-December, Carol wrote about how she was writing her list of “200+ goals”.  Who knows?  She may be up to 300+ by now.
By contrast, I’m going to try to write 5 VERY simplistic (and GENERAL) goals.  See, my theory is, when you keep them “general” enough, maybe you can squeeze most of what you’ve actually done into one category or another and accomplish them all. Every day.  So:
1.  Write something (significant) every day.
2.  Read something (significant) every day.
3.  Do some (significant) exercise (AT LEAST) 6 days a week
4.  Clean or put away something (major) every day.
(I should really clean out some of the boxes from when I moved here.
Almost 5 years ago.
And from when Herb moved here.
Almost 3 years ago.).
5.  Do something (noticeably) (kind/good) (to/for) someone every day.
And my check list will be even simpler:
1.  Write
2.  Read
3.  Exercise
4.  Clean
5.  Kind
I’ll let you know how that works out.  Have you got your goals up and ready to go? Today’s the day, you know!  HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! !
from Cheryl!
I usually do pretty well with New Year’s resolutions until I make one mistake. Then it doesn’t matter if I’ve kept the resolution for six hours or six months. Once I don’t have a perfect record, I feel like I don’t have anything.
So this year, I want to try to stay away from numbers. No daily word count. No set amount of time for editing.
Instead, I want to focus on not getting discouraged. No matter how much of a hot mess my novel might be, I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to get down on myself because my first drafts are terrible. I’m going to go back again and again, no matter what, and keep trying to improve.
What about you?


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2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Kim Woodruff

    Happy New Year! I made 50 goals yesterday. I’m going to narrow them down today. Last year my goal was to be more consistent with my writing. This year I want to be more “hardcore” like Shannon Hale said in a recent post. I plan to write and read more, waste less of my writing time on brainstorming/trying to figure out how to get it right before I start, and learn to let myself write really bad drafts before I start trying to perfect things. And I want to keep querying agents and attend conferences (yea for WIFYR!).

  2. Oddstuffs

    My goal this year is to learn self-discipline and do something productive every day! I’d prefer to make significant progress on all my major projects every day, but I’ll settle for doing something productive every day. 🙂 Although, writing every day must happen. That’s the other condition. Some writing, and something else productive.


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