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by Lisa Sledge

I was going to query my manuscript immediately after the New Year. I’m not going to make it. There’s is a big gaping problem in my novel, along with a million little ones. My antagonist’s motives aren’t convincing. And I don’t mean that my beta readers are calling me out on it. I haven’t shown it to any beta readers yet. I’m happy to reveal bits and pieces of my work in critique settings, but this problem is so big that there’s no way I’m letting the whole book out of my hands. As soon as anyone reads it from start to finish, I know they’re going to look at me and say, “Huh. Well that was disappointing.”

2015 is looking to be crazy. I’m trying to figure out what I can realistically accomplish. I hate not making my goals. So this is my new list:

Query book by March 1st. Wherever it’s at, however imperfect it is, that is the date I will send my first query.
Keep my children happy and keep them laughing.

That’s it. Two goals. I can do it.

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