And Here We Are!

The New Year is here!

Are you excited? I am. I’m not sure why I think the 31 of December has less value than January One, but I do!

Have you looked ahead and seen that both February and March start on a Sunday. (We know how I love that!)


Do you have goals you’d like to share? Please do, if so. We’ll keep track of them until next year.

Here are three (of my millions) of goals:

1. Have more author, editor and agent interviews here on the blog.

2. Edit book with Ann Dee and send off.

3. Write 5000 new words a week (or more) unless I’m revising.


Now, I need suggestions. Outside my office window are enough birds to star in Hitchcock’s movie The Birds. They’re huge. HUGE. Like Lord of the Rings huge. Only these aren’t eagles.

They keep pecking at the house.

Other than killing these things, any idea how to keep them from pecking at the wooden eves?


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One response to “And Here We Are!

  1. Put an owl up there. Or some mothballs, maybe crushed and stuck under the shingles. (That’s also how to get rid of wasps. They hate the smell.) But, either option would involve climbing a ladder; get someone else to do it.


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